Advocate. Educate. Celebrate. Three words that exemplify SAF's mission.

• We inform city and county leaders about the importance of the Sarasota School of Architecture movement and the benefits of preserving its unique structures.

• We award two annual SAF - Paul Rudolph scholarships to the best and brightest architecture students with financial needs. The program is in its seventh year.

• We present ongoing films, lectures and tours, and the SarasotaMOD 3-day architecture festival in November. SAF built and exhibited a full-scale Replica of architect Paul Rudolph's iconic Walker Guest House on the grounds of The Ringling Museum from November 12, 2015 - April 30, 2017. Arrangements are being made to have the house travel to another museum.

This is what we do best. With the generous support of our members and the community, we will accomplish even more.

Board of Directors

Anne Marie Bergevin
Michael Bush
Carrie Cox
Anne Essner
Elliott Himelfarb

Dr. Michael Kalman

Janet Minker

Christopher Wilson, PhD

Advisory Board

Carl Abbott, FAIA

David Brain, PhD

Robert Essner

Gregory Hall, AIA LEED AP

Dwight E. Holmes, FAIA

Martie Lieberman

Lorrie Muldowney
AICP, Associate AIA

Joyce Owens, RIBA, AIA

Edward "Tim" Seibert, FAIA

The Sarasota Architectural Foundation (SAF) is passionate in our belief that an informed and motivated public ultimately results in a better built environment — one that is both respectful of our buildings and our history. Every day, midcentury structures across America are reduced to rubble because they have few defenders. We hope that you, as a member and supporter of SAF, will continue to be, or will become one of those much-needed champions, so that together we can inform discussions and alter outcomes. SAF thanks our dedicated members, homeowners, sponsors, donors and volunteers who continue their support and involvement throughout the year, and invite everyone to join our very special organization. Become a SAF Member Today.

Sarasota Architectural Foundation Mission
SAF is dedicated to increasing awareness of the Sarasota School of Architecture movement, helping to preserve or rehabilitate its irreplaceable buildings and demonstrating its relevance to the contemporary built environment.

The Sarasota Architectural Foundation (SAF) is the outgrowth of "An American Legacy: The Sarasota School of Architecture Tour and Symposium," a five-day showcase in 2001 of Sarasota County's unique mid-century modern architecture known as the Sarasota School of Architecture. Developed by members of the Fine Arts Society of Sarasota, Inc. (FASS), the tour was attended by over 1,000 design professionals, scholars, and individuals from around the world, and comprised lectures, guided bus and boat tours, a documentary, exhibitions and social events. A core group of tour organizers subsequently formed SAF to focus on the ongoing preservation and celebration of the Sarasota School structures, and the promotion of architectural excellence within the Sarasota community.

Since SAF's incorporation in 2002, the organization has presented numerous architectural tours, film screenings, and educational events for design professionals and the general public.

SAF's members regularly work with and cultivate an expanding list of nationally recognized journalists, authors and photographers in order to promote Sarasota's modern architectural legacy. Articles in magazines, including Dwell, Metropolis, Modernism, Conde Nast Traveler and Details, have all benefited from the input and guidance of SAF. Books from Rizzoli entitled "Florida Modern" and "Modern Highrise" were assisted by SAF in the location and procurement of photographic and interview opportunities.


SAF supports architectural excellence through education and advocacy at every level of Sarasota government, actively participating in discussions about design standards for commercial and downtown development. In 2005, SAF took part in the selection process for the design of the bus transit facility (Seibert Architects PA) adjacent to Sarasota City Hall, a notable example of the Sarasota School by architect Jack West, 1966. SAF has also helped underwrite like-minded efforts of other organizations, such as the AIA Gulf Coast Chapter's "No Brakes" design competition and "10x10" presentations.

SAF's core membership is a diverse group of individuals, each of whom share the vision that Sarasota is an epicenter of significant architectural design. Membership in SAF supports that vision and broadens its appeal, being part of Sarasota's future, while celebrating the richness of its past.

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